Accounting with a future / “Unternehmen Online”

Digital financial accounting

Thanks to the new possibilities in digital financial accounting, sending folders back and forth is a thing of the past. With DATEV “Unternehmen Online” you transmit your receipts digitally and have an overview of your company’s figures at all times.

With “Unternehmen Online” you send your receipts digitally (via app or scanner) and the original receipts remain with you in the company. You can view your bookings online at any time.

For a better understanding of the advantages this modern way of accounting offers: DATEV-information video

Your advantages

  • All documents remain with you in the company. Your documents are sent to us securely and encrypted digitally.
  • When they are posted, the scanned document image is permanently and inseparably linked to the accounting record and is thus stored, retrievable and reproducible in the computer centre for ten years.
  • You can archive your paper invoices as you wish with digital financial accounting. This saves you time.
  • You receive your business management evaluations more quickly, thanks to the continuous posting of turnover, receipts and account statements.
  • You can access your digital accounting archive at any time via a protected internet connection.
  • Digital accounting offers you a uniform solution for paying invoices, checking account movements and linking them to the voucher, as well as keeping cash books and recording wage data if required.

Our services at a glance

  • Financial accounting with advance VAT returns
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Payment transactions
  • Asset accounting
  • Cost and performance accounting
  • Profit, balance sheet and liquidity planning based on our tool
  • i:control

Based on our self-image as a comprehensively active company, we offer you primary services, as you would expect from your tax advisor or auditor as your direct contact. In addition, you will also receive solution- and goal-oriented support in various areas of expertise.

Tax consultancy

Based on mutual respect and trust, we advise our clients at a high professional level.


Motivated, committed and experienced auditors are available to our clients in the area of auditing.


Strategic and conceptual work as well as structuring and support in all relevant areas of accounting.


In addition to our full-service offering, you can rely on our many years of expertise in the following specialist areas in particular:

International tax consultancy and auditing

We advise our clients in the international environment on targeted, legally compliant tax structuring as well as adequate accounting and reporting.

Transaction and restructuring advice

We support young and existing companies in all phases of the transaction process and assist in raising equity and debt capital.

Family Office Services

Wealthy individuals and families need sound, holistic advice.

Investment fonds held as business assets

We offer standardised reporting for institutional investors based on many years of expertise.

Private Equity

Knowledge of the special features of the private equity environment is part of our core business.

Foundations and associations

Qualified support for foundations of all sizes in the areas of establishment, administration, auditing and tax support.

Services for municipalities

For more than four decades, we have been offering our services to municipalities, municipal undertakings and municipal owned undertakings.

Succession planning

Succession planning in the private and corporate sector

Accounting with a future

Thanks to the new possibilities in digital financial accounting, sending folders back and forth is a thing of the past.