“I not only use the brains I possess, but I borrow in addition what I can get.”

Thomas W. Wilson (1856-1924), 28th Pres. of the USA (1913-21)


In order to support our clients in complex, international issues and in specialised fields, we sometimes cooperate with other experts in consultation with you. We have carefully selected these according to the criteria of expertise and cost structure.

K&E Consulting

With our sister company K&E Consulting, we have found our answer to the demands of digitalisation. The highly specialised team of K&E Consulting has developed the i:control tool (at its core a highly automated integrated profit, balance sheet and liquidity planning, but much more) together with us.

In addition, with i:value, i:group and other products, a wide range of consulting and business management tools for data preparation has been developed. We provide these tools to consulting colleagues and also directly to customers for efficient business consulting and management, in order to meet the requirements of the digitalised world in a way that is appropriate for medium-sized businesses: We provide the digital management consultant for you, so to speak.

More at www.kue-consulting.de

K&E International

Through our subsidiary K&E International we are an Alliance Partner of KRESTON International – an association of 600 law firms in 120 countries with 20,000 employees. By cooperating with this network, we are able to support our clients worldwide.

Whether inbound or outbound business in the field of tax consultancy and auditing, international M&A-transactions, expat services, as well as the complete outsourcing of accounting services at home or abroad, up to the support of service centres in India, are among the core topics that we cover with our partners in international cooperation.

More at www.kue-international.de

Kreston International

The global network of independent accounting firms. Kreston is an interconnected network of over 200 firms in over 125 countries, with more than 25,000 dedicated professionals. Benefit from world-class advice and exceptional service wherever you do business in the world.

If you would like to find out more about the Kreston network: Kreston International

BAN e.V.

In 2005, we joined the BAN e.V. – a cooperation of independent auditors – in order to do justice to the increasingly diverse range of tasks in the field of tax consultancy and auditing. The BAN e.V. consists of around 100 independent auditing firms with offices all over Germany. With more than 300 colleagues and around 1,700 employees, we have access to their expertise in tax consultancy and auditing as well as to the resources of the members in cooperation projects. Thanks to the international connection through these cooperations, we are able to appoint a competent contact person for the needs of our internationally active clients in practically every country in the world and to solve international issues together professionally and cost-efficiently over a short distance.

If you would like to find out more about the BAN e.V: BAN e.V.

Specialised lawyers, notaries and management consultants

Depending on the scope of our work, we cooperate with patent attorneys, attorneys-at-law, management consultants or specialised colleagues on a case-by-case basis. We consider our independence from these professional groups to be an advantage for our clients, as it allows us to always involve the colleague we consider best suited to deal with the respective special problem.